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Create Your Own Murder Board!

Think you've got what it takes to solve a case like Pip? Have you picked up on how to spot clues, suss out fake alibis and spot motives from a mile off?

Download and print our A Good Girl's Guide to Murder murder board and solve the crimes in Holly Jackson's series alongside your favourite teen detective!

Murder board split into five sections: Motives, Alibis, Evidence, Suspect and Notes
Murder Board

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder - murder board
Download PDF • 1.29MB

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6 comentarios

Susanna Medri
Susanna Medri
04 jul

This is so cool I love that it's an actual website felt exciting finding it. I'm absolutely loving the series I'm up to book 2 and have just finished the TV series. I recommend watching it if you haven't already it's so good!

Me gusta

19 abr

Hello. I just finished the first book and are busy with the second book i searched the URL when i saw it in the book. So glad i found it!

Me gusta

Kathleen Rowley
Kathleen Rowley
21 may 2022

Hey! It’s The Rippa C.U.L.T and we have another few ship names

Sal + Andie= Sandie 💛

Nat + Jamie = Jat💚

Becca + Stan = Stecca 💙

The Rippa C.U.L.T xx

Me gusta
BY: me
BY: me
03 ene
Contestando a

AYY, Sandie def fits

Me gusta
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